I Don’t Think You’re Ready

Are you ready? I’m not talking about, say, a minor power outage that causes the ice cream in your freezer to melt, or (heaven forbid) some unexplainable interruption to your WiFi service. I mean really ready. Like Lisa Bedford, Survival Mom. For starters, “She has enough supplies to last her and her family not just weeks, but years. She knows how to make a composting toilet, how to make semi-gourmet meals out of freeze-dried goods, how to harvest as much drinkable water as possible from the pipes before the pressure’s gone and how to make whatever water remains drinkable.” From Buzzfeed’s Anne Helen Petersen: What to expect when you’re expecting the collapse of society as we know it. (When the time comes, my family plans to take an Uber to the closest society still standing where our GrubHub order should be waiting.)

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