Was It Just a Spring Fling?

“Mr. Khalil is one of hundreds of Egyptians who have recently been subjected to what human rights groups call enforced disappearance.” That’s how activists say the Egyptian government is dealing with its opposition. From the NYT: Hundreds vanishing in Egypt as crackdown widens.

+ “They are the farmers revolting against the privatisation of their land; the DJs creating illicit new music in backstreet garages; the ceramics plant employees kidnapping their boss and seizing control of their workplace; the Bedouins storming a government nuclear site to reclaim stolen territory; the schoolchildren who spend their lunch breaks playing games of revolution in Zawyet Dahshur. Their stories rarely make it into the international media. But within them lies the revolution’s threat, and its living, giddying possibilities.” The Guardian’s Jack Shenker with a broad overview of the future of the Egyptian revolution.

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