She’s one of the more famous stars in adult entertainment. But these days, she may be even more popular in another field. The Guardian on Lisa Ann: how one of adult entertainment’s biggest stars transformed into a fantasy football guru. (This gives new meaning to the Carolina Panthers’ team slogan: Keep Pounding.)

+ “A Best Buy in Maryland may not seem like a tourism hotspot, but to fans of the juggernaut true crime podcast Serial, it’s the Taj Mahal.” (I will never understand the allure of crime tourism.)

+ The much-beloved actor Abe Vigoda has passed away.

+ “There is no safer place for her.” Meet the Spanish matador taking heat for bullfighting with five month-old baby. (Full disclosure: I once took my kids to Target on a Black Friday.)

+ And the day’s scariest headline: Why a National League Designated Hitter Is Inevitable.