As the snow storm bears down on the East coast, here’s some advice that those in its path probably won’t be getting: Think of it as a spa day. It turns out that more and more athletes are turning to extremely cold treatments to improve recovery and boost performance: Here’s Outside Magazine on the many ways that the new science of freezing can improve, and even save, your life: “Spa-goers strip down to their underwear and put on athletic socks, terry cloth robes, and wool mittens for a trip inside a tin-can-shaped cryotherapy chamber filled with air that has been nitrogen-cooled to between minus 184 and minus 264 degrees.”

+ Here’s NPR on the coming snowstorm.

+ The Atlantic: Milk, Bread, and Eggs. Why do people reliably stock up on the same things before they get snowed in? (I’m no expert, but my first guess would be because French Toast is awesome.)

+ Here are storm updates from the Washington Post and some more from Buzzfeed.