Bottom of the News

“One person gave a toast. A product manager at Dropbox broke into song. In a corner, a programmer named Brent took off his shirt, revealing a milky chest and back, then sat with his head bowed. (He would later walk around wearing a handwritten sign that read, ‘Please touch me.’)” The NYT Magazine on a new approach to happiness taking off in Silicon Valley: Cold, hard rationality. I still remember when people in the Valley were happy as long as they were vesting.

+ Syndicated from Kottke: James Corden does this thing on the Late Late Show where he drives around with singers doing karaoke in a car. Yesterday, he picked up Adele and they drove around singing a few of her songs and then she did, without dropping a word, Nicki Minaj’s verses from Monster.

+ Pricenomics: How a 90-Year-Old Missing Person Became a Hit on Spotify.

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