Your fellow crew members just took off using the only available transportation and now you’re severely injured and completely alone on Mars. Ha ha ha ha. That might not seem like a funny set-up, but the Golden Globes saw fit to name The Martian the year’s best comedy. The Revenant took home the top dramatic movie awards. In TV, the surprise winner was Amazon’s Mozart in the Jungle (we’d never have all these awards for Mozart in the Jungle if Sean Penn hadn’t found him.) The Atlantic on the 2016 Golden Globes: Messy, Drunken, Absurd. In the other words, the usual.

+ Here’s a complete list of winners. And of course, the snubs and surprises.

+ The Daily Beast: The 12 Most Shocking Golden Globes Moments. Somehow, Mel Gibson ended up being the target of Ricky Gervais’ most biting wrath. Gervais’ line of the night was his last: “From myself and Mel Gibson, Shalom.”