Christmas came early. Finally some good news. There is a god. That’s just a sampling of instant reactions to the news that Martin Shkreli was marched towards the joint wearing a hoodie and handcuffs after being arrested for securities fraud, and for “efforts to conceal the fraud, which led him to operate his companies … as a Ponzi scheme.” Pharma Bro raised the ire of just about everyone on planet Earth when he raised the price of a life-extending drug by more than 5,000% (interestingly, that part was legal). Yes, this is the same Martin Shkreli who bought the Wu-Tang Clan album for $2 million and has given a series of offensive interviews — one in which he even dared to offend Taylor Swift. In other bad news for Pharma Bro, we just raised the price of a Get Out of Jail Free Card to $641 million.

+ The big remaining question: Can we free Wu-Tang’s album.