“Everybody says that, go to Wyoming, Montana, you can get a mansion. Move on, move on, always move on. And I say to myself, ‘Why should I have to move on?'” The tech boom has been very good for a lot of people in the Bay Area. But it has been devastating for many of those left behind as communities gentrify and the cost of living makes staying in the place where you grew up an impossible dream. The neighbors have a unicorn and you’re living out of your car. Except in Palo Alto where it’s now illegal to live in your car (maybe living in an Uber is still allowed). From Monica Potts in The New Republic: Dispossessed in the Land of Dreams.

+ Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, high-end homeowners are using LLCs to protect themselves financially; and sometimes to hide their identities. From the NYT: A Mansion, a Shell Company and Resentment in Bel Air.