Bottom of the News

“The first record, from 1998, was for a part Sphynx, part Devon Rex named Granpa Rexs Allen who made it to age 34; the second, from 2005, is for a mixed tabby named Creme Puff who lived to age 38.” Jake Perry is a cat man. And he’s managed to get a lot of years out of his favorite pets. From AtlasObscura: How To Raise A 165-Year-Old Cat.

+ Can cow’s milk help you get a good night’s sleep? It might have a better chance if the cow was milked at night. (Why does that sound like the treatment for a late night show on Cinemax?)

+ From Left Shark through today, here are the top ten memes of 2015. And the top ten viral sports videos.

+ TV reviewer Tim Goodman has put out his list of the Best television of the year. There are 46 shows and many of them are awesome. So you’ve got your work cut out over the holidays.

+ 2016 will be the year when you get to take a swig of organic Gatorade. (I think I’ll hold out for the artisanal blend.)

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