“How is it that this novel could be sexy, entertaining, experimental, politically radical, and wildly popular all at once? Its success was no sure thing, and the story of how it came about is a crucial and little-known chapter in the literary history of the last half-century.” From Vanity Fair: The Secret History of One Hundred Years of Solitude.

+ “How did dancing with LED-lined gloves become a Shark Tank-approved, multimillion-dollar industry.” Buzzfeed’s Marisa Carroll on America’s trippiest new sport: Glove is a Battlefield.

+ “In 1892, the young state of South Dakota was a refuge for divorce seekers. It had among the laxest divorce laws in the country, offering numerous grounds and, more importantly, requiring only 90 days residency to fall under the court’s jurisdiction.” The Atavist on The Divorce Colony.

+ FiveThirtyEight: How A Dead Millionaire Convinced Dozens Of Women To Have As Many Babies As Possible.

+ ” If you’re looking for happy endings with your heroes, boxing remains one of the worst places in America to look.” Roy Jones Jr.’s Long Goodbye.