Don’t Wanna Live With a Refugee

From everything I’ve read, taking a strong anti-refugee position is closer to collaborating with ISIS than standing up to it. Yet, as the LA Times reports, more than half of the country’s governors, citing security concerns, said they would refuse Syrian refugees (even the five year-olds). Condemning Syrian refugees in response to ISIS is like blaming turkeys for Thanksgiving.

+ Adam Taylor: The Islamic State wants you to hate refugees.

+ “They present themselves to the public as superheroes, but away from the camera are a bit pathetic in many ways: street kids drunk on ideology and power.” Nicolas Hénin in The Guardian: “I was held hostage by Isis. They fear our unity more than our airstrikes.”

+ WaPo: “Two-thirds of Americans polled in January 1939 — well after the events of Kristallnacht — said they would not take in 10,000 German Jewish refugee children.” (My mom was one of those kids who survived Kristallnacht.)

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