The third GOP debate on CNBC turned into a referendum on the media as Ted Cruz and others piled on the moderators to the delight of audience (and Twitter). The Daily Beast called the moderators’ performance a total fail, while Slate’s William Saletan argued the candidates shifted attention because they just have a problem with the truth. Meanwhile, the politcal gladiator pit continues to be covered more like a sport than an election (although sports commentators seem to take their subject matter more seriously than political pundits).

+ One of the interesting moments in the debate was when each candidate — including Trump who disagreed with himself in the process — refused to criticize Mark Zuckerberg. (Which makes sense. His country is bigger.) Here are all the highlights from the debate.

+ All the pundits seemed to agree that Jeb Bush provided the evening’s most disappointing performance. Even Nate Silver took a break from the math and noted that, “Yeah, Jeb Bush is probably toast.”