As many of you know, I’m on the board of 826 Valencia, a great organization that serves kids in San Francisco. We’re building out a new center in the Tenderloin (in a building that used to be a liquor store), and Google will give us $250K towards that project if we get enough online votes. As a guy who has benefited from the tech boom, it’s extremely important to me that we do our part to spread some of the wealth to kids living a few blocks away — but in a completely different world. So please do me a quick favor and vote for 826 Valencia on the Google Impact Challenge site right now. It will take you two seconds and there’s no registration required.

+ Dave Eggers (author of The Circle) is one of the founders of 826 Valencia, and I’m constantly trying to convince him of the power of the Internet and social media (I’m so tired of having to print out and fax NextDraft to him every day). If we win, I promised to send him a telegram delivered via horseback with the good news. So do me this solid and support a great cause with a couple clicks.