You’ve been duped, manipulated, and taken advantage of by big companies plenty of times before. But there’s something about the case of Martin Shkreli — better known as Pharma Bro — that got you really riled up. Of course, part of it was that his company hiked the price of a prescription pill from $13.50 to more than seven hundred dollars per pill. But here’s what should bother you even more than the fact that Pharma Bro would do something like that: The fact that he could do it. In The New Yorker, James Surowiecki takes on the drug profiteers and the loopholes that enable their habit. Consider this: The same pill we’re making all the fuss about costs a buck a tablet in the U.K. When it comes to drugs, self-regulation doesn’t work. (I could have told you that in the 90s.)