“Then there are the black turtlenecks. Most have assumed that Holmes’s sartorial choice is an eerie, if not presumptuous, homage to Jobs. But it turns out, the black turtlenecks were inspired by, of all people, Sharon Stone.” Inc’s Kimberly Weisul with a profile of Elizabeth Holmes, who is reinventing the blood test and trying to disrupt a $75 billion industry, and grow it by another $125 billion.

+ “The highest single-play score on record is 392 points for caziques.” BBC’s Hephzibah Anderson with the secret history of Scrabble.

+ “He is the N.B.A.’s all-time leading scorer. And yet discussions of his greatness are usually tinged with annoyance, as if his dominance must be nodded at but not dwelled upon.” From NYT Mag: What the world got wrong about Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Well, for one thing, (his name is actually Roger Murdock.)

+ “If you still think Uber and ridesharing is just about replacing a taxicab you’re dead wrong. This is bigger than taxis – ridesharing is on a path to displace cars.” Sunil Paul explains why auto companies are Uber’s next kill.

+ Outside’s Matt Skenazy: Can surfing reprogram the Veteran’s brain? (If I’m ever actually able to stand on the board for more than two seconds, it would reprogram my self esteem.)