“That gaze — interpreted as loving or slavish, inquisitive or dumb — can cause dog lovers to melt, cat lovers to snicker, and researchers in animal cognition to put sausage into containers and see what wolves and dogs will do to get at it.” The NYT’s James Gorman on the endless quest to answer an age old question: Why Is That Dog Looking at Me? (When my cats look at me, I’m pretty sure they’re imagining me dead.)

+ Rebecca Mead on the semiotics of rose gold. (Or as my 7 year-old daughter calls it: pink.)

+ When actors pretend to snort cocaine on film, what are they really snorting?

+ Bad news for music lovers with amazingly bad taste in technology. Zune is shutting down.

+ If not for the clock fiasco, this would have been the story that caused today’s social media outcry. Apparently, wearing socks with sandals is now OK.