“Now the conflict was about the conflict itself, and each uptick in brinksmanship edged the parties closer to disaster. The Cold War had gone to DefCon 1.” In the always-excellent Epic Magazine, David Wolman and Julian Smith share the perfect story to end your Summer. Welcome to the world of dueling ice cream trucks: The Cold War. (On a personal note, I should mention that I find it hard to connect with adults who don’t get excited when an ice cream truck shows up.)

+ “Even more disquieting was the development of an insatiable sexual appetite.” One last interesting story from Oliver Sacks: Urge.

+ “”Mom & Dad Love you. Tyler Love you most! Janelle Love you Sorry. I told the truth.” The job made me do it.” Buzzfeed’s Albert Samaha on the whistleblowing prison guard who couldn’t escape prison.