By now, millons of people across the world have seen the image of a drowned Syrian boy who was fleeing war torn Syria. And they should see it. Like I said yesterday, if your kid has to take a flimsy boat across dangerous seas to escape a war zone, then my kid can definitely handle looking at the photos. Will merely viewing a photo change anything? Probably not. But it definitely got the issue back on the front page and the front burner of executive branch offices across Europe. Here are 19 more images that provide a glimpse into the growing refugee crisis.

+ “Most of the migrants had no idea how long their journey might last, though a few had been told by their smugglers that they could expect to reach Italy in six to eight hours. In reality, at the boats’ current speed, such a voyage would take at least six days, long past the point when almost all those onboard would have perished from dehydration or exposure.” The NYT Mag has a very powerful, interactive look at a desperate crossing.

+ Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban on the growing crisis in his country: “The moral human thing is to make clear, please don’t come.”