Yesterday, a guy in my office building walked into a full elevator with his cellphone and continued his loud conversation throughout a multi-floor ride. So I punched him in the face, grabbed his phone, and threw it to the floor as my fellow riders cheered with a vigor not seen since the days of the gladiator pits. OK, the second part of that anecdote is a slight exaggeration and merely represents what I wanted to do. But even at this relatively early moment in our device-usage evolution, such reactions (real or imagined) to phone use have been rendered meaningless. The truth about phone etiquette is that there is none. And we’re all each other’s enablers. According to the latest Pew survey, while just about everyone is bothered by the cellphone overuse they perceive in others, “89% of cellphone owners say they used their phone during the most recent social gathering they attended.” Here are the interesting numbers related to our views on phone etiquette. (If you’re on your phone right now, read at your own risk.)

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