“This is the very, very worst version of the company. This is not the company I built.” That was Gawker Editor Nick Denton the day after his top editors quit over management’s decision to take down a piece on “a married, male, publishing executive who allegedly tried to hire a male escort.”

+ Is Denton right? Slate asks the question another way: Was the deleted Gawker post any worse than its old stuff?

+ Redef has a good set of articles on the brewing controversy.

+ And here’s NY Mag’s Heather Havrilesky looking at the broader issues raised by the Ashley Madison hack: “This might be a good day for us to rethink our attitudes about the victims of hacking, whether it’s Sony’s Amy Pascal or the married dude next door, because the mob is coming for us, too. Do we really want to live in a world where no one is allowed to make mistakes?” (Do we really have a choice at this point?)