You Be Chillin

The tech industry created the distractions that, by design, rip away your will to chill. Those who work in the tech industry are victims of their own success and are as anxious as anyone to free their minds. As The New Yorker’s Lizzie Widdicombe explains, “all of this has led to a strange but perhaps inevitable oxymoron: digital therapy. A new class of app has emerged on iPhone screens, promising to relieve the mental afflictions — stress, distraction — that have been exacerbated by its neighbors.” (Thankfully, I’ve employed a virtual assistant who meditates on my behalf.)

+ This is actually a familiar modus operandi among techies. We love to solve the problems created by tech by adding more tech. I’ve written about the Internet’s placebo effect: The Answer is a Click Away.

+ Want to relax? Forget technology. Try coloring books.

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