“You love them. You might not ever eat them — you might be a vegetarian or a vegan, or not consume birds for whatever reason, or not want to deal with the carbs, or not think it’s okay for adult humans with serious opinions about fracking to dip a toe into the children’s menu — but that’s a choice about ingesting them. It’s not you not loving them. Because you do. You love chicken tenders. Everybody does.” Helen Rosner makes a very compelling case on behalf of chicken tenders.

+ Electronic dance music is absolutely massive. But it’s emerged in an era when people don’t pay for music very often. Don’t have your dance moves down yet? This 83 year-old shows there is still time.

+ And Cersei’s Game of Thrones walk of shame body double speaks out at last. (I’ve gained so much weight since high school, I’ve become my own body double.)