Warriors Come Out to Play

The Warriors overcame the Cavs and won their first NBA title in decades (and the Bay Area brought home its first professional sports title since the Giants won those three World Series trophies). And Andre Iguodala became the first player to be named MVP without even starting in every game. Grantland provides a guide to the elite and unlikely cast of characters who defined the 2014-15 Golden State Warriors. (The best part about the Finals being over is that Riley Curry will finally get to bed at a decent hour.)

+ “We just witnessed a team that could legitimately be compared to Jordan’s Bulls, with hardly any hyperbole necessary.” FiveThirtyEight on the year of the Warriors.

+ Even though he lost, these were in many ways, LeBron’s finals.

+ And from the NYT Magazine: Stephen Curry’s Mouth Guard: An Investigation. (I can’t believe Invisalign hasn’t taken advantage of this marketing opportunity.)

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