“He gets checked wherever we go. Airports, federal buildings, Holocaust museums. After the war, he was a smuggler for a few years. Used to climb out the windows of trains and ride on the roof. Addicted to risk maybe. I suppose that’s why he still gets checked by security. Maybe once you’re on the list, you’re on the list.” Earlier this week, my parents and I visited the Holocaust Museum in D.C. because My Mom Has a Question.

+ “A popular West Hollywood aesthetician was arrested for trying to murder her rival. Was she the perpetrator — or the Victim?” From Greg Nichols in LA Magazine: Under the Skin.

+ “The biggest mistake was the presumption among US political and military leaders that victory was ever possible.” Aeon’s Mark Kukis on the myth of victory and why war isn’t what it used to be.

+ Anwen Crawford in The New Yorker: The World Needs Female Rock Critics.