Notes From the Google Gaggle

I’ve decided to leave my family and my job to fully focus on figuring out the best way to manage my photos. There are just too many choices. Google hopes you think theirs is the best as they just introduced a new backup and search service along with several other products during the Google I/O conference. The photo product returns the company to its core value proposition: Search. Here’s Wired’s Brian Barrett on Google’s ingenious plan to make apps obsolete.

+ “What if your phone knew you were getting dressed up, and called an Uber as soon as you finished knotting your bowtie? What if it could automatically track your exercise as soon as you put on your running shoes? What if you could talk to your phone with a single, discreet swipe on your arm? What if it could talk back?” David Pierce: Google is hacking our clothes to work like touchscreens. (What if that freaks us out?)

+ Joseph Bernstein: In virtual reality, Google Is the A’s and Facebook Is the Yankees. (And it goes without saying that the Dodgers suck.)

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