Here in the Bay Area, I’ve watched (and benefited from) rising tech fortunes that have resulted in rising salaries and rising rents. And in recent years, I’ve seen shiny new Internet startups rise up around one of San Francisco’s most depressed and troubled neighborhoods; the Tenderloin. As a board member and a fortunate participant in the tech community, I’m happy to share the news that 826 Valencia (a writing-focused non-profit founded by Dave Eggers, and home of the famed Pirate Store) is opening up a center in the Tenderloin; because the kids there should benefit from the boom too. It’s time for us in the tech community to make sure that this rising tide lifts all boats. Especially pirate boats.

+ In California Sunday Magazine, photographer Pieter Hugo captures scenes from San Francisco’s most infamous neighborhood; “an anarchic community in the midst of a crazy boom.”