“Located in the city of Accra, Agbogbloshie is known by locals as Sodom and Gomorrah for its hellish conditions and blackened ground that resembles an open sore. The scavengers, typically between 7 and 25, sift through the refuse, setting fire to piles of rubbish to remove the rubber and plastic concealing the more valuable materials within.” It’s a long way from the line outside the store with the latest gadget. From Wired: Inside the Hellscape Where Our Computers Go to Die.

+ Lucas Hinch came up with a more creative way to dispose of his Dell XPS 410. He took it “out into the alley behind the building where he lives and runs a homeopathic herb store, pulled out his 9mm handgun, and put eight bullets through the PC, in cold blood.” Even after getting busted by the police, Hinch described the experience this way: It was glorious.