Each morning my six year-old daughter puts on a stylish blouse and skirt along with a newish pair of flats (her school doesn’t allow heels). At the same time, my eight year-old son throws on some heavily worn sweatpants and a Warriors t-shirt with an animalistically chewed collar. It turns out he’s the one on the cutting edge of fashion. Welcome to the era when the word sportswear turns literal; when yoga is popular, but nowhere near as popular as the yoga pants that represent a broader shift in the way we dress. Buzzfeed’s Sapna Maheshwari on Gap’s big bet on Athleta and the new way American women dress.

+ GQ with a Sportscore Timeline: The Rise of 2015’s Biggest Fashion Trend.

+ Nike and Under Armour are now at the forefront of fashion. They’re also trying to be at the forefront of the wearable digital health and fitness movement. It’s not enough to just do it. You need to track it and share it too.

+ (Somewhat) related: Why do people hate Lilly Pulitzer clothes? According to Megan Garber, they are “the sartorial equivalents of the people who can’t stop talking about the juice cleanse they’re on.”