San Francisco Summer of Gov

“San Francisco city supervisors have voted unanimously to ban chewing tobacco from all athletic venues, including baseball fields.” That includes AT&T Park. So that includes major league baseball players.

+ No chewing tobacco in MLB dugouts. And no smoking on Bourbon Street.

+ “We have tried every noodle that is out there. Whole-wheat noodles just don’t work in lasagna. We are having to go lawless to use regular pasta.” The battle over what’s in school lunches is setting up to be an all out food fight.

+ “Two judges perched on stools nearby watched as the contestants’ foggy clouds traveled along a black measuring stick. As fans held their breath, Mr. Seybold’s cloud reached out all the way to 6 feet.” Welcome to the world of competitive vaping. (Vaping might be the only thing that could actually make smoking seem cool again…)

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