Weekend Reads

“Since late 2011, Feyer has finished over 95 percent of the New York Times puzzles in less than six minutes. He polishes off 88 percent of the Saturday puzzles — the hardest of the week — in less than five minutes.” From Oliver Roeder in FiveThirtyEight: A Million Little Boxes.

+ “Long before the drug investigation and the events that followed, Bob Sam Castleman was infamous in Pocahontas and beyond for a bizarre incident years earlier involving a copperhead snake.” Will Stephenson in Arkansas Times: A Killing in Pocahontas.

+ Rolling Stone’s Stephen Rodrick: Being Ringo.

+ Kirsten Weir in Nautilus: Can you die from a broken heart?

+ NatGeo has an interactive piece on a city that is rising from ruins: Taking Back Detroit.

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