ESPN Reporter Britt McHenry has become famous for behavior that’s probably not all that uncommon: She directed an offensive rant towards an attendant at a parking lot for towed cars. What makes the big difference here is what always seems to make the big difference these days. The rant was caught on video. The video went viral. And McHenry was immediately suspended from ESPN. The Atlantic’s Megan Garber argues that McHenry is getting what she deserves and this incident is an example of the upside of a surveillance society: “It is, overall, a reminder that technology is making it harder to differentiate between the people we perform and the people we are.” It’s also a reminder that there are now two sets of rules (and judgments) in society; one for those incidents not caught on video and one for those that are. As more of life’s moments fall into the latter category, we might want to take a long, hard look into our selfie sticks and also consider the downsides of a surveillance society.

+ The Daily Beast: Hey, Let’s Shame the ESPN Anchor Now. “And so, too, am I shaming the shaming shamers? It’s a Russian nesting doll of shame, an infinite feedback loop of finger-wagging.”