Weekend Reads

“When I’m contemplating one of life’s difficult decisions, I generally consult with Ben Dorcy. Bless his barely thumping heart, Ben is my canary in the coalmine. When faced with a difficult decision, I observe Ben and do the opposite of what he does.” That’s Willie Nelson on his travel companion who turns 90 next month. In Texas Monthly, Paul Cullum introduces you to The First Roadie — Ever.

+ And from the WSJ, Roadies: Unlikely Survivors in the Music Business.

+ This seems like the right moment to listen to Jackson Browne playing his tribute to roadies, Load Out/Stay.

+ From Playboy’s Jeff Maysh: How a Michigan farmer made $4 million smuggling rare Pez containers into the U.S. (He would’ve been better off starting a photo sharing app.)

+ Mike Powell in Grantland: The Woman Who Froze in Fargo.

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