After reading this article by Ellen McCarthy, I finally realized that I’ve been tweeting entirely wrong: “When Larry King wants to tweet, he doesn’t log onto the Internet. He pops open the flip phone stored in the shirt pocket between his suspender straps and calls the number for a voicemail set up specifically for this purpose. Then he dictates a thought that will be picked up by an assistant and transcribed onto his KingsThings Twitter account. And nearly 2.6 million followers are there to receive it.”

+ Mr. T is set to star in a new home renovation series called I Pity the Tool. (I’m mainly including this as evidence that these puns in NextDraft aren’t easy as they look.)

+ Not sure we have a social media problem? Consider the Ring Cam; an engagement ring box with a built-in camera for capturing proposals.

+ Priceonomics: why are movie trailers called trailers?