We’ve been hearing about cord cutting for a while, but Horace Dediu explains why, with Apple’s new TV service coming soon, we may have reached peak cable. “Over a period of about 40 years, watching TV went from free to quite expensive. More expensive even than a family’s communications costs (i.e. telephone service.) That’s quite an achievement at a time when technology diffusions caused huge price reductions in other goods and services.”

+ Buzzfeed: New Apple TV set top will debut this summer with an app store and Siri. (Great, I’ll teach my parents how to use that along with Amazon, Vimeo, Hulu, Comcast, and their DVR just as soon as I adjust the time and date on their answering machine.)

+ Speaking of TV, don’t miss Netflix’ latest drama called Bloodline starring Kyle Chandler (the coach from Friday Night Lights), created by the enigmatic genius Daniel Zelman, and written in part by the supremely talented and irritatingly attractive Arthur Phillips. (Arthur and Daniel are good friends of mine, but I’d throw them both under a bus if Coach Taylor told me to.)