“I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s in mathematics, all with a 4.0, and numerous published papers in major mathematical journals. I am a mathematical researcher in my spare time, continuing to do research in the areas of numerical linear algebra, multigrid methods, spectral graph theory and machine learning.” John Urschel obviously has a good head on his shoulders. He also plays in the NFL. Here, Urschel tries to explain why, knowing the risks, he continues to play the game. Hint: He loves hitting people. A math nerd who likes beating on people. Where the hell was this guy when I was in junior high?

+ Speaking of brains and sports, I don’t know how anyone with a job or a life can track all 68 teams tipping off March Madness this week. I can barely keep track of that many mascots. Luckily, Mental Floss can help with those.