“People are the fastest out the door in Shanghai (56 minutes) and the slowest in Mumbai (2 hours, 24 minutes), where they’re also the kings of the snooze (58% hit the button at least once). New Yorkers and Stockholmers are the most likely to work in their bathrooms (16%).” Fortunes’s Beth Kowitt explains how knowing details like these helped Ikea take over the world.

+ NYT Mag’s interactive look at the heart-stopping climbs of Alex Honnold.

+ “Not to get too existential about it, but it’s kind of like the history of the game. Who thought to question it? Who thought to read the rules? Of course, none of us did.” Longreads talks to Mary Pilon about the twisted history of Monopoly.

+ Shannon Mattern with an interesting look back at the history of the urban dashboard, and what they might be leaving out.

+ And if you missed it earlier in the week, Wired’s Cliff Kuang takes us on a fascinating tour of the future of smart watches by way of Disney’s magical wristband.