In the most anticipated product launch since the wheel, Apple rolled out its new watches which promise to do everything but give you back the hour you lost this weekend. Tim Cook and Jony Ivy spent so much time describing the metals included in the watch, I half-expected one to be available in Valyrian Steel. Will this be the wearable that changes everything? It could be. I’ve heard two key reactions from people who have had the chance to wear the watch for an extended period: First, it takes a little time to get into the groove of using it. And second, once you do, you end up reaching for your phone a whole lot less. Yes, we finally found something to distract you from your technology: More technology. Ironically, this watch ain’t for people who get paid by the hour. Prices range from $349 to $10K. Here are all the details from the Apple event and a look at the product that Apple hopes will take wearables mainstream.