This morning, in the conference rooms of mainstream news outlets across the world, frustrated editors asked their reporters one question: How did we miss the dress? But it was old news by then. More than 12 hours before those meetings, the Internet had erupted with pleasure as Buzzfeed asked us to determine whether a dress was blue and black or white and gold. That was all it took. We were hooked. Millions and millions of us joined a global conversation on the world’s biggest front stoop. It was so all-encompassing that I started to feel nostalgic for the two Llamas meme that had swept the net only hours before. Digiday’s Brian Morrissey summed things up: “Viral publishing is a lot like pregnancy: You can’t do it halfway … We are all Buzzfeed now.

+ Paul Ford: “What I saw, as I looked through the voluminous BuzzFeed coverage of the dress, is an organization at the peak of a craft they’ve been honing since 2006. They are masters of the form they pioneered.” (To me, the amazing thing about Buzzfeed is that seem to have figured out how to manufacture serendipity.)

+ “What shall be annotated in history books as the dress phenomenon began on the Scottish Isle of Colonsay.” WaPo with the inside story of the ‘white dress, blue dress drama’ that divided a planet.