“You can possess up to two ounces, but you can’t buy any. You can share, but you can’t sell. You can grow up to six plants, but only three can be mature.” Pot is now legal in D.C. We should have bipartisanship by dinner.

+ The tree planted in memory of George Harrison in Griffith Park needs to be replaced. It was destroyed. By beetles. (Many still blame Yoko.)

+ Wondering why shares of contraceptive manufacturers are surging in South Korea? The country’s highest court just struck down its law that banned adultery.

+ Donald Trump says he’s “more serious” than ever about running for president. Which means he’s about .0001% serious.

+ “I know what you’re thinking: Won’t I look strange if I’m the only one in my office standing up to work? Not as strange as you’ll look when you keel over dead at your computer from a lethal combination of sciatica and weak calves.” Tom O’Donnell in The New Yorker: I Switched to a Standing Desk, So Now You Should, Too.