Weekend Reads

“It’s almost like stealing. You come to set. Half the time you don’t do anything. We come in, eat breakfast, eat craft service all day and look forward to lunch. We just had yogurt parfaits. ‘Cause we hadn’t eaten in half an hour!” You’d think a story about Hollywood extras would focus on low pay and dreams deferred. This one is a little different. From LA Weekly’s Hillel Aron: Some Hollywood extras suffer, but others are rolling in it.

+ “Richard Zuley oversaw a shocking military interrogation that has become a permanent stain on his country … He used disturbingly similar tactics to extract confessions from minorities for years — as a police officer in urban America.” A two-part investigation from The Guardian’s Spencer Ackerman: Bad lieutenant.

+ Bloomberg’s David Gauvey Herbert: Armed with cheap Chinese imports, a Las Vegas entrepreneur takes on Big Casket.

+ “The best rodeo stories are tragedies. The cowboy of American legend is a sacrificial creature, destroying himself in pursuit of an old-fashioned brand of liberty, along with the occasional taste of glory. The fame is fleeting, the girl leaves, and the pain lingers. That’s what George Strait and Garth Brooks say, anyway.” California Sunday’s Abe Streep goes on the road with the 20-year-old king of rodeo

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