“For a start, the scene was more metaphorical than geographical. Nearly everyone who was there was, at one time or another, stoned; nobody remembers everything the same way.” From Vanity Fair: An Oral History of Laurel Canyon.

+ “With a pimp for a father and a mother who turned tricks for drugs and food for her family, Tyson was groomed from birth for the red light district of sports, a place where sex and violence are never very far apart, or very far under the surface.” In SB Nation, Brin-Jonathan Butler: 25 years after Mike Tyson lost to Buster Douglas, why do we still have sympathy for the devil?

+ Rolling Stone: Saturday Night Live: All 141 Cast Members Ranked.

+ Brooke Jarvis in California Sunday Magazine: When Hugo Lucitante was a boy, his tribe sent him away to learn about the outside world so that, one day, he might return and save their village. Can he live up to their hopes?