“I went off script: I stopped obsessing over what he wanted and just did what felt best to me that day. I wrote about it publicly, online. I made myself vulnerable. I didn’t hide the fact it hurt.” In The Guardian, Lindy West explains what happened when she confronted her cruelest troll. (West also shared this story on a recent episode of This American Life.)

+ Kevin Bollaert was convicted for his role in maintaining a revenge porn site. The site featured more than 10,000 photos and often linked them to the victims’ social media accounts. Bollaert also tried to make money from the victims via a site called Change My Reputation. The courtroom debate on whether Bollaert should be confined while awaiting sentencing provided further insights: The prosecutor argued that “this is an individual who has no moral compass,” while the defense explained that Bollaert is not a flight risk because he lives “with his parents and works at a fast-food restaurant.”