“It wasn’t long ago that the idea of a pre-IPO tech startup with a $1 billion market value was a fantasy. Google was never worth $1 billion as a private company. Neither was Amazon, nor any other alumnus of the original dotcom class. Today the technology industry is crowded with billion-dollar startups.” From Fortune: The Age of Unicorns. (Either today’s start-ups are really that much faster and better, or mobile is that powerful, or we should be worried.)

+ FastCo: How a forgotten company’s 1970s technical breakthrough launched a billion-dollar business and helped spawn a new creative medium: The untold story of the invention of the game cartridge.

+ “Frighteningly, because no sensation of satiety tells them to stop eating or alerts their body to throw up, they can accidentally consume enough in a single binge to fatally rupture their stomach.” Kim Tingley in the NYT Magazine: Food Is a Death Sentence to These Kids.

+ Olga Khazan in The Atlantic: “I drove from one of the healthiest counties in the country to the least-healthy, both in the same state. Here’s what I learned about work, well-being, and happiness.”