The food is fresh. Natural. Locally sourced. Sometimes even organic. That might sound like your local farmer’s market, but it’s actually part of a new and growing movement in the fast-food industry. Think Shake Shack, Chipotle, Panera. While we’re not exactly seeing tractors in the drive-thrus, the rise of these chains (and the pressure on their predecessors that placed a lot more emphasis on the fast than the food) tell us a lot about economic inequality, the modern workday, and fries. From The New Yorker’s James Surowiecki: The Shake Shack Economy.

+ McDonald’s reveals the potatoes (and many other ingredients) that go into its french fries.

+ The rise of healthier fast-food options has mirrored a significant shift in how people in middle to high income jobs choose to do lunch. From the NYT: Power lunches are out. Crumbs in the keyboard are in.