Standup/Sitdown Comedy

The State of the Union is this: We can’t even get everyone standing for faster Internet service. The moment when President Obama called for faster broadband for everyone served as microcosm of the entire evening (and the entire nation). About half the people stood, about half remained seated. Peter Baker sums up the SOTU in the NYT: Bold call to action in Obama’s State of the Union, even if no action is likely.

+ WaPo provides an interactive version of the address, including a breakdown of how much time was spent on each topic.

+ You can watch a four minute version of the speech. Or maybe you’d prefer to review the key moments in animated GIFs (courtesy of PBS Newshour … seriously.)

+ And of course, there was The Burn. Now, I bet North Korea and ISIS will think twice about sending hecklers to attack our shores.

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