“While the other tech bloggers were getting glassy-eyed visiting selfie-stick booths on the convention floor, I headed out to Pahrump for a visit.” ReCode’s Nellie Bowles pays a visit to the unofficial brothel of CES where an annual pilgrimage of geeks results in an entirely new meaning for the like button.

+ “You’ve heard of suicide by cop? This is suicide by crazy effing Elvis guy. It’s a tragic story because these are two people who needed help and there was nowhere for them to get help.” Elise Jordan in Buzzfeed: The Last Days Of Graceland Too

+ “When I recently asked Ruggeri, the chief investigator, to sum up the case, she stared at her desk and just said incredible four times. The Guardian’s Tobias Jones on the murder that has obsessed Italy.

+ “In theory, a priest wearing a lucha libre mask sounds strange. But in the case of Padre Fray Tormenta, it looks and feels completely normal.” From Eric Nusbaum inVice, Addict, Priest, Luchador: The unbelievable life of Fray Tormenta.