Most of what you’re checking on your phone can wait until later. Some of it can wait until never. And you know that. But you still stare at that damn screen all day long. Since two of the hot items these days are selfie sticks and selfie camera flashes, it’s probably a reasonable time to take a good look at ourselves. From InFocus: A world transfixed by screens (which is a photo collection you will be viewing on a screen. With NextDraft, there are always layers, my friends.)

+ “At 3:30pm on the afternoon of September 25, 2014, the 57-year old soccer coach and grocery store owner unbuttoned his blue jeans.” In the age of selfies, this can only be read as the first line in a cautionary tale.

+ Vice: The mirrors of the future will point out all your flaws to sell you products. (So what will close friends be for?)