“I was a few hours outside of Los Angeles, tooling down I-5 at the wheel of a sleek Audi A7 on a gorgeous day when a little girl in an SUV smiled and waved. I waved back. With both hands.” Wired’s Alex Davies rode 500 miles in a self-driving car and saw the future. And it was delightfully dull. (And when things get dull, we look at our devices. Hence, self-driving cars.)

+ Today we have distracted driving. In the future we’ll have self-driving cars. In the meantime, we’re gonna really push the envelope on the distraction thing. At CES, car and tech companies are showing off tools that project “a buffet of colorful information on that once-sacred place of clarity, the car windshield.”

+ NYT: Ban on cellphones in New York City schools to be lifted. (Apparently kids were disrupting class trying to text on rotary phones.)