Times have changed. Technologies have advanced. But as Michael Wines explains in the NYT, when it comes to the way whites and blacks view cases like the one that unfolded in Ferguson: Much has changed, and nothing has changed. In polls, people of different races still have wildly different views on racism. (Something tells me black people might have a bit more insight on the issue.)

+ One hoped that social media would have benefited those with different views by enabling them to get some additional perspective. But when it comes to divisive issues, we tend to either shout each other down or ignore each other. That’s true in real life, and it’s true on Twitter.

+ Last night, Ferguson-related protests took place in more than 170 U.S. cities. There’s a big difference between protesting and rioting. There’s also a big difference in how we describe rioting, depending on who’s doing it and why.

+ This week’s New Yorker cover seems to sum things up.