Do Not Pick Up

The Internet is weird. And the weirdness is usually pretty fun. Like when we all tried to figure out the mystery behind the wildly photogenic Alex from Target. Sometimes the weirdness is not fun. “For every randomly beloved Alex, there is someone who wakes up one day, without warning, on the pitchfork end of an internet mob.” Warhol promised us all fifteen minutes of fame. And that might be about as much as we can take. Maureen O’Connor in NY Mag: Alex from Target and the Mess of Uncontrollable Fame.

+ Sometimes the motives of the mob are clear. Sometimes, they’re not. So Brock Wilbur is left with a question: Who The Hell Keeps Calling Me?

+ Even people who spend their careers building web businesses and deep-thinking about technology often find it impossible to understand what makes something or someone go viral. From Buzzfeed’s Ryan Broderick: Meet the network of guys making thousands of dollars tweeting as ‘common white girls.’

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